Westfield welcomes the new chic Crepe Café!

The Crepecafé is our latest project that has opened recently in Westfield Doncaster. Showcasing a beautiful and delicious new hospitality kiosk.

The initial brief for the Crepecafé kiosk was to create an authentic French crepery located in a vibrant, cutting-edge Australian Shopping Centre!
With this in mind, we came up with a design that appeals to a wide range of customers, creating a great experience well worth coming back to.
The Crepecafé is a celebration of the senses! The crepe masters’ craft is on display for all shoppers and passers by to see, while the seducing sight of the ever-flowing chocolate fountain draws one in. Needless to say that the yummy smell of the crepe making and chocolate create a delicious sensory experience!

The footprint might be small in size but it packs in quite a punch! Every detail is well thought through including the rich use of materials, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing result. The use of the natural warm timbers, coupled with the Carrara marble bench tops and marble mosaic fronts, give the kiosk a sense of luxury, while the French style decorative metal work create authenticity, making the Crepecafé the hottest show in town!

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