Express iRepair

After Airport West and DFO Essendon now also open at Westfield DoncasterEXPRESS iREPAIR – one of our latest kiosks designed to incorporate creativity and practicality within a 6×4 meter retail space. The goal of this project was to create an open work area for high-speed operations while displaying the newest accessories all around the world of mobile phones.

With strong passion for innovation, quality and environment we tried to break down the conventional island shape of a sales kiosk through the use of triangle shapes, architectural frame structures and a whole bunch of glass fronts to give easy & lockable access to every product. A simple colour scheme of black, white and bright timber connects all parts and gives them a unique and active identity. We love the clear and functional space where both the design and material create the necessary atmosphere to maximise product exhibition and service capability in one go.

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