Kiosk Design

Breaking boundaries every time

Retail is ruthless. Getting ahead of the pack means breaking boundaries every time. At Centre Square, our design ability and experience can do that for you.

You might be a big brand. You might want to become one. You might just want to improve your brand visibility. Whatever your need, a good design is vital to your success.

You’ll want stunning. You’ll want robust. And you’ll want unique. We’re all of that. At Centre Square, we don’t follow trends – we create them. And our build quality is second to none.

But maybe you’re still looking to secure a shopping-centre site? Rest assured, you’ll go to the head of the queue if you submit a great design to the landlord.

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Case Studies


Anything’s possible

If you can dream it, we can do it. Our rich offshore supplier network will make it happen for you.

Scouring the Chinese market for the absolute cream of factory supply has resulted in an elite team of trusted suppliers. One that enables us to create designs as big as your dreams. We can handle anything, anywhere. And it all comes with a watertight, ten-year warranty to help you sleep at night.

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& Installation

From fright to final polish

Relax. Wherever you are in the world, we take care of everything. From the freight to the final polish

The Process:

  1. Customs clearance – take it easy. We deal with all the red tape. That’s stuff like purchase orders, sales invoices, packing lists, shipping bills, certificate of origin, bill of entry, airway bill, and much more.
  2. We deliver locally and unpack – we organise all this way in advance.
  3. Installation – our team has installed all over the world, from China to London to Lagos. We’ve dealt with every issue you can imagine. And some you can’t.
  4. We inspect for quality. If there are any defects, we fix them. Every screw will be tight; every joint flush.
  5. That’s us done.
  6. You start trading.

Where you go from there is up to you.